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Part of the reason for Crystal Care’s reputation for providing quality home care in Leatherhead and its surrounds, is the way we provide precisely tailored care plans bespoke to individual clients’ needs. After all, home care is not a generic “one size fits all” sort of thing – it requires an attentive and meticulous approach, which is why care jobs and care assistant jobs attract the kinds of people who embody these traits.


In this latest post in our blog series, we’ve run over some of the general types of home help and home care that are common within the wider industry. We hope it’ll give you a better idea of how different the average day in the life of a carer can really be, and show that if you ever do consider investing in home care for yourself or a loved one, that it can really be sculpted to the situation!

The Different Types of Home Care Explained

Personal Care – As people get older or begin to struggle with the day-to-day effects of a debilitating condition, things that were once fairly easy to do can become a challenge.  Carers can help by visiting you to, for example, help you get up and out of bed, to use the toilet, or to prepare meals – whatever it is you need assistance with. Another term for this can be respite care, which means to share some of the burden with family members and friends who might be handling the bulk of it themselves, so they can have time-off to deal with other aspects of their lives or, for example, go on holiday.


Companionship Care – The vast majority of us are social beings, and need regular contact with people to feel happy and of sound mind; often times, we neglect this side of our wellbeing and focus too much purely on physical health. That’s why we look to fill our care assistant jobs and care jobs with personable, friendly staff who enjoy getting out into Leatherhead and wider Surrey to speak with those who might feel lonely or isolated, to brighten up their day with a conversation and some company.


Dementia Care – Did you know that over 850,000 people in the UK are currently living with dementia? It takes many forms, Alzheimer’s disease being one of the more recognisable forms, each of which poses different challenges and progresses differently. Those with special training will help Leatherhead’s dementia stricken with maintaining as normal a life as possible, assisting with household tasks and personal hygiene if required, encouraging a routine. Serious cases can exhibit challenging behaviour, but by ensuring our care jobs / care assistant jobs are filled with those trained and experienced in dealing with this behaviour, we help patients deal with the individual things they specifically struggle with, without being deterred.


24-Hour Sitting & End of Life Care – Some persons require round the clock home care, rather than just the odd visit for home help. Crystal Care also caters to these clients, with specially trained staff able to help in all aspects of a person’s home life.  Likewise, as people draw closer to the end of their lives, perhaps due to a chronic condition that has recently worsened, it’s important to ensure they are as comfortable as possible; this might not mean 24 hour round the clock care, if family and friends are also involved in this process. But as professional carers, we can ensure that the final chapter of someone’s story is a blissful one, and that they pass in comfort.

Interested in learning more about the home care and home help we provide residents of Leatherhead and wider Surrey? Contact us on 01737 361 780.

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